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24 May 2010

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - That Wii Game

This game took me about 48 hours of game time to beat. And I haven't completed most of the side-quests (such as the "find glowing bugs!" and "destroy ghosts!" and "find all the heart pieces!" things) - I have mostly stuck to the story, and played to beat the Boss.
And man, is the Boss unkillable. You have to beat him four times before he finally decides to die; and that's after you've collected all three IMPORTANT ITEMS, and then had them stolen and had to collect three more IMPORTANT ITEMS. All of which were protected by other bosses - and that was only after you had collected all seventy+ PLOT DEVICE THINGYS, some of which were protected by pretty tough sub-bosses.
Plus, there were quite a few puzzling puzzles to puzzle over.
But still, I found this game very enjoyable, and would recommend it to anyone who can handle the enemies popping out of nowhere, the sometimes challenging swordfights (the ridiculously armored and be-weaponed guy was gooooood), the puzzles, the frustration of it all, and the weird character design for most NPCs.
Seriously, the kids' faces will crack you up or creep you out. Or both.

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