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7 May 2010

The Breakfast Club - That movie

Five WASP-y kids are stuck in detention all day, on a Saturday. They are the embodiments of the high school stereotypes that would plague all later depictions of secondary school education: the nerd, the jock, the troublemaker, the popular girl (that the troublemaker's attracted to), and the silent girl that wears black and is pretty weird (to be replaced by the emo in post-2000 high school stereotypes).
Before I saw the movie I expected it to be an overrated disappointment - but I was pleasantly surprised. Despite the appearance that their high school targets twenty-year-olds (seriously, that guy has grey in his hair!), the over-sadistic principal and the cheezy ending, I actually really enjoyed this movie.
Among my favorite moments are:

  • The part where sushi is treated like this super weird gross-sounding never-before-heard-of foreign food
  • The exact second you realize all the characters' hair is parted in a straight line (it looks so weird!)
  • Smoking up in the library
The first 2 are attributable to the fact that this movie is straight from the eighties, and the last one... was just odd. Still, it made for a pretty entertaining movie.

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