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4 Nov 2010

The Selfish Gene - Richard Dawkins

This book was pretty good, actually.
Now, it's true that I might be biased about this - I'm in a biology- and biochemistry-related program, but still, even if you have no idea what DNA is made of (or if you don't know anything about genes and how they work), you'll be able to easily follow and understand this book. The style is concise, precise, easily readable and sometimes rather amusing: in the last chapter of the original edition, Dawkins coined the term "meme" (I liked his idea that religions are memes), and in this 30th anniversary edition an endnote for this chapter has been added that can essentially be summarized as "look, hackers, my computer's been infected with some viruses and it's not funny. Stop it." I was amused, at any rate.
So yeah. An enjoyable, interesting and informative read.  With a Dewey classification number of 576.5, this book is about Science; more specifically, about the life sciences; and even more specifically, about genetics and evolution.

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