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1 Jul 2010

Children of the Night - Mercedes Lackey

Sociopathic psychic vampires that feed off of people's emotions! A 24-year-old witch (who writes romance novels because even witches have rent and bills to pay)! A sexy vampire with a sexy French accent who does sexy things sexily! All in New York City during the rather rough 80s. That's right; it's another urban fantasy novel.
This Diana Tregarde novel is set some years before Burning Water, and it explains some of the subplots present in that other novel. Apart from that, the subplot involving the composition of a clichéd romance novel was pretty enjoyable, if you enjoy poking fun at the stereotypes of that genre of novel.
This book somewhat reminded me of Scott Westerfeld's The Last Days in a "not-quite-vampires are playing music in New York!" kind of way; I was also reminded of Burning Water due to its surplus of dramatic irony.
All and all, I found it to be a very enjoyable read. Incidentally, I do agree with the Stephen King quote that is printed on the back cover of this novel:
Mercedes Lackey's work is as sharp - and as scary - as the suddenly revealed fang of a vampire. She'll keep you up long past your bedtime.

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