creative [kree-ey-tiv]: adjective. Synonyms: clever, cool, innovative, inspired, prolific, stimulating.

criticism [krit-uh-siz-uhm]: noun. The act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything.

23 Apr 2010

The first post!

If I were to follow custom, this post would explain a bit about who I am, why I am starting this blog, what will be the subject of this blog, what is my aimed blog posting schedule (that I would invariably fail to follow), and other such crap.
But I honestly don't see how that could be relevant to anything else I will do here. I want to have a blog to be able to quickly and painlessly broadcast my opinion to what could potentially be a HUGE audience (but let's be honest; it won't happen). And I want my opinions to be read because you know what? I'm right and you know it. ;)
Well, let's get started on this exercise in self-indulgence, shall we?

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